Wood Materials

All Creations for You products are designed and manufactured in Australia. We source only high quality materials to provide you with our best products.

Your products can be made from:

Mirror Acrylic

Gloss Acrylic

Pastel Acrylic

Frosted Acrylic

Glitter Acrylic


Wood Acrylic

Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic

Gold Mirror Acrylic


Silver Mirror Acrylic


Pink Mirror Acrylic


Blue Mirror Acrylic


Platinum Mirror Acrylic


Teal Mirror Acrylic


Purple Mirror Acrylic


Gloss Acrylic

Black Acrylic

White Acrylic

Personalised Baby Announcement Cake Topper Baby Surname White Rose Gold Silver Mirror Glitter Acrylic FD by Creations for You

Clear Acrylic

Dark Green Acrylic

Green Acrylic


Pastel Acrylic

Pink Pastel Acrylic

Blue Pastel Acrylic

Green Pastel Acrylic

Purple Pastel Acrylic

Orange Pastel Acrylic


Yellow Pastel Acrylic


Frosted Acrylic

Blue Frosted Acrylic


Pink Frosted Acrylic

White Frosted Acrylic

Purple Frosted Acrylic

Lemon Frosted Acrylic



Glitter Acrylic

Gold Glitter Acrylic

Silver Glitter Acrylic

Pink Glitter Acrylic


Blue Glitter Acrylic

Black Glitter Acrylic

Red Glitter Acrylic

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Dark Green Glitter Acrylic

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